Centre For Research and Development


CERAD, the Centre for Research and Development, The Federal University of Technology, Akure, was founded in 2003 as a Non-profit Organization Limited by Guarantee and it enjoys a tax-exemption status. The core objectives are to:

  • identify and tailor solutions to the technological problems and needs of society and solve them through need-driven research,
  • provide the much needed impetus for rapid technological and industrial development of the nation,
  • serve as a linkage mechanism between the university, industry and commerce and,
  • enhance the University-Community Linkages through capacity building and development partnerships

CERAD, as a novel and specialized university outfit, is an important development medium adopted to mitigate the declining nature and scope of Nigeria’s industrial competitiveness and overall development caused by the impacts of globalization. It is designed to foster a constant interactive communication between town-and-gown, and to bring the Ivory Tower to the market place of practical realism. As a University-Industry (U/I) Linkage mechanism, it is specially positioned to partner with industry, commerce and society in general, and to fast-track the rapid technological growth of Nigeria by linking talents, technology, capital and skills. It seeks to lay the results of research and development efforts of the academia at the door-steps of industry, commerce and society. It also serves as a bridge between the largely theoretical, knowledge-driven approach of the university environment and the more practical need-driven and business character of industry.

CERAD seeks to bring the university and industry together at the periphery of their operations with neither losing its core values, but with each engaging in a win-win partnership for the mutual benefit of society. The Centre is also involved in the protection of Research and Development (R&D) Intellectual Property as well as identifying with the neighbouring communities in a bid to improve their socio-economic status.

CERAD activities revolve around the following 2 Units that are headed by Associate Directors:

  • Research & Publications and
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

In general, the Centre is structured into eight (8) R&D groups:

  • Agriculture, Food Security & Biotechnology;
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT);
  • Engineering and Operations Research;
  • Enterprises Development;
  • Bitumen, Oil & Gas;
  • Solid Minerals & Natural Resources;
  • Environmental Technology and;
  • Climate Change, Waste & Disaster Management.

Operationally, each of CERAD’s R&D groups is headed by a highly experienced and accomplished research scientist/subject matter expert and supported by a Desk Officer. At the head of CERAD’s management, is the Board which comprises highly qualified academics from The Federal University of Technology, Akure and eminent Nigerians from the private sector.

Contacts: Prof. K.K. Alaneme ([email protected]) – Director/CEO Office _E-mail ([email protected]; [email protected]) Website (www.cerad.futa.edu.ng)